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High vacuum sorption pump cooled by liquid nitrogen

General view of the high vacuum sorption pump cooled by nitrogen

The ultrahigh vacuum pump cooled by liquid helium, a direct construction

The ultrahigh vacuum pump cooled by liquid helium, a versed construction

The same pump, a versed construction (works in Sweden)

Ultrahigh vacuum installation with liquid helium cooled cryopump (works in Germany)

Installation for distillation of scandium with the ultrahigh-vacuum pump cooled by liquid helium

Mass spectrometer with ultrahigh vacuum helium cryopump

Cryostat for checkout of microcircuits at low temperatures (for Belarus)

Cryostat for examination of samples at temperatures 78-600К

Cryostat for definition of the relative change of volume of samples at low temperatures

Installation for land trials of devices with the radiation IR-receiver at low temperatures

The same, side view

The same, installation with two cryostats and the sorption pump

Evaporation installation for objects dusting in steams of liquid helium

View of evaporation installation with a turbopump on a magnetic suspension bracket and dry forvacuum

Cryostat with the superconducting solenoid cooled by liquid helium

The same, at trials (works in France)

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