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About our company

   Our firm «Сryogenic & Vacuum Systems» (VACRIS Co.Ltd)
designs and makes under the personal projects the following equipment:

      1. Ultrahigh-vacuum filling condensation-sorption crypumps cooling by liquid helium. Range of their operating pressures from 10-5 up to 10-11 Pa .   More 10 different modifications with speed of pumping from 200 up to 10000 l/s and are designed and made. The specific evaporability liquid helium is those, that it is enough of one filling up it to cry pump for continuous operation of the pumping from 2 about 4 months. Some tens such pumps work now in Germany, Japan, USA, Switzerland and Russia.

       2. Ultrahigh-vacuum filling sorption crypumps, cooled by solid nitrogen. Range of their operating pressures from 10 up to 5.10 -6 Pa. Some modifications with speed of pumping from 200 up to 5000 l/s are designed. In these pumps an adsorbent (the active coal) is cooled by solid nitrogen with temperature 55 - 47К and has sorption capacitance on nitrogen and hydrogen on 3 - 4 order more, than same adsorbent at the temperature of liquid nitrogen (77,4К). The pumps of this modification are built for pumping of the plasmocemical installations, where the argon, nitrogen, Freon and aggressive gases (Н2S, F, HF) and other will be used. These pumps were designed for replacement of oil diffusive, turbo molecular pumps and Ruts pumps, which one fast leave out of operation at pumping aggressive gases. Two modifications these pumps work on several firms of electronic industry of Russia and Ukraine.   

      3. High-vacuum sorption pumps cooled by liquid nitrogen, having own "security" vacuum. They have operating pressure range from 105 up to 10-1 or from 100 up to 5. 10 -5 Pa. The pumps most effectively are used in a continuous "waiting" mode, as they have a very low evaporability of liquid nitrogen. One filling up suffices it in the pump for 3 day of continuous operation. 4 modifications of such pumps with speed of pumping 10, 25, 50 and 200 л/с are designed. The high sorption capacitance of these pumps allows to do from several tens up to several hundreds cycles of pumping without their regeneration at usage them in operating pressure range from 100 up to 10-4 Pa.  Thus, the application of above listed pumps allows receiving clean, completely free oil vacuum from atmospheric pressure up to 10-11 Pa.

      4. Our corporation has elaborated some tens different modifications of cryostats cooled by liquid nitrogen or helium. In them it is possible to receive, to adjust and long time to support temperature from 1,2 up to 300К. These cryostats are used for cooling different simples at research in a magnetic field, in microwaves - field, at irradiation infra-red, laser, X-radiation, for cooling super conducting magnetometers, gyro systems. The cryostats for cooling of super conducting solenoids used at thermonuclear researches, for a thomography both other scientific and practical problems are designed.

             5. Our firm for 30 years of the existence has produced more than ten ultrahigh-vacuum chambers from a stainless steel and titanium. The internal surface of these chambers is coated on special technology aluminum films having very low adsorptive - desorptiv capacity to water vapor and other gases. Due to this, in chambers the pressure from 10-7 up to 10-10 Pa without a warm-up is reached, even if they before it were on open air. 5 chambers completely in not magnetic fulfillment (from titanium) for the Zurich Institute of Technology, for Paul Scherer Institute (Switzerland) and for other countries were made.

      6."VACRIS Co Ltd" has experience of designing and production large vacuum technological installations having volume of vacuum chambers from few tens cubical dm up to several cubic meters. They have found a use for an electric arc spraying of a titanium, niobium, aluminum, titanium nitride both other metals and connections.

                            General director of  "VACRIS Co Ltd"                 M. Larin  

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About our company VACRIS Co.Ltd Saint-Petersburg
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